Join the crew.

We're looking for a limited number of rock star volunteers to help us throw the best party this city has seen. If you've got crazy energy and a desire to be part of building something new, we need to chat.

The gigs:

Be a part of setting the scene. Creating the vibes. Turning a parking lot into a shipyard. As a set-up volunteer, you’ll be the first to know what the venue looks like because you’ll be a part of carrying in, building, decorating. We’ve got awesome plans. Be on the ground, a part of making these ideas reality. 

Like to smile and meet new people? Set the vibe for Shipyard as a venue ambassador. Ambassadors will be in charge of taking tickets and handing out wristbands at the entrance, answering festival goers' questions and creating a fun, kind and welcoming atmosphere for the festival to take place in. You are the vibe-setters.

You’ve got style. You’re kind and fun. You turn money in to the authorities when you find it on the ground. We want you to sell merch at our festival. As a merchant peddler, you are responsible for creating festival merchandise displays that invite people to look, maintaining the inventory, assisting festival goers with purchases, and handling money. Thanks in advance.

You either a) look intense or b) like rules and people following them. You are good at enforcing rules while also being kind. We need you at the outskirts of our festival grounds, making sure people who haven’t paid aren’t mistaking holes in a fence for, you know, the official entrance.

You care about the environment. You care about our city. You are someone who leaves things better than they were when you came. We need you to hang out after the event to pick up trash and help us make the space look beautiful after all the stage lights are out. More people should be like you.

You have brawn and you get stuff done. We need you to help us tear down the venue, stow away the materials, and turn a music festival into a parking lot. Heavy lifting required. 

How to jump in.

  • It's pretty simple. Fill out the form below.
  • Purchase your ticket to the festival (If you're selected to volunteer, we'll reimburse your ticket after your shift).
  • Get hydrated and ready for September.

What's in it for me?

  • Admission into the festival.
  • A volunteer t-shirt.
  • The priceless self-gratification of building Cape's new music festival.

Sign me up!

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