• A shipyard is a place where disparate parts are brought together to be assembled and sent out into the world more whole, full of connection and purpose.
  • That’s what Shipyard Music Festival is all about: bringing people together for music, food, drink and experiences that build community through camaraderie and good cheer.
  • 2018 marked the Shipyard’s inaugural year, with eight national touring bands playing on a professional stage at Ivers Square in downtown Cape, headlined by Jamestown Revival. This year, the Shipyard is back for two days, from Friday, September 27, to Saturday, September 28. We have 11 bands coming your way from Brooklyn, New York; Raleigh, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; Athens, Georgia; Springfield, Missouri; St. Louis and Cape Girardeau.
  • The music festival experience doesn’t just include music; your ticket also gets you access to more than 10 interactive sponsor experiences, which will be happening all weekend long. Killer food and drink options from your favorite local eateries will also be available. And we’re all about the kiddos: if they’re 10 or younger, bring them for free and make sure they check out the kids’ activity center.
  • It’s the chance to be a part of creating something new and of big-city caliber, right here in Cape Girardeau. Tickets are on sale for $30, and VIP tickets are $100. For yours, go to shipyardfest.com.
  • To stay in the know on all things Shipyard, including the chance to be registered for giveaways from Shipyard sponsors, sign up for The Scout daily email of good news at thescout.io.
“Music is so important to me and to many people. It evokes memories, stirs feelings, calms the soul, excites the masses and is a universal language. For me personally, it gives me tremendous pleasure to play — either just for myself or for others. Cape's location between St. Louis and Memphis on the Mississippi River places us in iconic music territory. After all, the St. Louis Blues aren't named after the color. Cape has a great music history and lots of local performers and should continue to build on that base with unique opportunities. Shipyard does just that.”

John Mehner
Cape Chamber President

“Music is a universal tool; it helps a person express their feelings, it brings people together, it brings back memories, it heals, it speaks to your soul and it conveys emotions/feelings that we may have trouble conveying on our own. I have never left a concert or a festival feeling anything but positive and happy. At Shipyard, I get to have that festival experience in my own backyard! Shipyard is a way of letting people know that we are serious about music and we want to create a great music scene in Cape G. Please get out and support live music any time that you can. #ALWAYSGOTOTHESHOW.”

Shawn Wood
Founder of Cape G Rocks

“Shipyard is all about celebrating what a great community we live in and get to serve. It’s relationship-building, positive, fun, and the music provides something for everyone. Shipyard is relaxing and fun; people need more fun in their lives. It’s a must-do, and we are blessed to have this opportunity!”

Jimmy Wilferth
Vice President of Foundation/Marketing,
Saint Francis Healthcare System