• It rained and we partied.
  • We're still riding the high of launching Cape's return to the music festival scene. Even though that high mostly entails the continued tear down, drying and storage of the event, a review of the financials, and a return to business as usual. We'll share more about what we learned through this process in the days to come (spoiler: always bring a spare pair of socks or six.)
  • Before we get there, we need to shine light on those wild dreamers who believed in this vision and jumped on board with us to make it happen.
  • Our Brand Partners
  • You are the only way this thing works (well, you and the music). When we all came together to discuss the chances of starting something new, you were the ones who said, "Wow" before you asked, "How?" and we're loving you for it to this day. Thank you for your expertise, support, and advice on bringing our community together:
  • Isle Casino Cape Girardeau, Drury Hotels and Drury Southwest, Plaza Tire Service, Rhodes 101 Stops, River Radio, Saint Francis Healthcare, United Airlines + Cape Girardeau Regional Airport, Visit Cape, EVTV, Anagram Film
  • Our Production Partners
  • When the idea to start this festival was planted we wanted to go big. That meant the right stage, the right talent, the right sound, the right build. So we went to the experts:
  • The Pageant, Klance Unlimited, B & D Concert Security
  • Our Bands
  • Want to lose sleep at night? Try to select, contact, contract, and pay seven diverse bands that can keep a crowd entertained for 10 hours while bringing a new sound to town. We spent hours and days on Spotify to build our lineup and were blown away by what came through those speakers on Saturday. We love you all:
  • Ryan Corn Tow'rs Royal Teeth *repeat repeat A Thousand Horses Vinyl Theatre Jamestown Revival
  • Our Backline
  • We had a crazy idea to do this thing in less than a year. Luckily, there is a group of responsible adults in the background with the experience, resources, and vision to make it a reality. Thank you for the coverage, the venue, encouragement, guidance, and sometimes a gentle push in the right direction:
  • Southeast Missourian and rustmedia
  • The Eats
  • You know what pairs well with outdoor music? Brat burgers and cold beer. We had them all and then some. This was as new for our food vendors as it was for us. They took a chance with us and our hearts and bellies thank you:
  • Imo's Pizza, Lemonade House Grille, Mary Jane Burgers + Brew, Saffron, Faithfully Fed, River Eagle, Kohfeld Distributing
  • The Fans
  • Whoa. You guys are nuts. You stood in the pouring rain for three and a half hours like it was what you always do on a Saturday afternoon. You danced, you screamed, you high-fived and did it all again. You shared the social media posts, cheered us on along the way, and parted with your hard-earned dollars to help us build a foundation we can all be proud of for years to come. You are our people. 
  • The Volunteers
  • Those of you who had no skin in the game other than the desire to hear and see great music in the town you call home yet you too braved the rain, the uncertainty and the constant pulling in all directions to help make this happen. You were our extended team and you rocked it.
  • Our Families
  • The unsung heroes of this whole journey. The only ones who know everything felt and heard and said behind closed doors. You get no credit for this thing and deserve it all. Thank you for dealing with the long hours, the snappy attitudes and coming to our defense all days in all ways. You are far smarter and better looking than us and always will be.
  • Our Neighbors
  • All of you. Those who live near the venue and those who traveled hours for the show. Those who volunteered their time, money and knowledge. To the City of Cape, Cape Girardeau County, the Cape Police Department, and Cape Jaycees. To those who shared advice, wisdom, criticism, and opinions. They all count and we heard and took to heart every one. Like everything else in our community, if it is going to happen correctly, it has to happen together.
  • Let's do it all again in 2019. Also, who caught the magical pineapple? We need to know.

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